Notice: Change of Venue

For the past few months, I haven’t blogged much of anything on my Tumblr account. This, despite the fact that I’ve had plenty of ideas for entries. I did manage to create something for the Day of Archaeology and have kept up other archaeologists on Twitter, but Tumblr? It had become a little much of a pain to use, which might be as much Chrome’s fault as it is Tumblr’s. In any case, I decided to move to WordPress as my blogging platform. The theme of the content will not be changing much, if at all. For those of you who enjoy following the Tumblr, I’m going to keep linking to it. If everything is set up correctly, WordPress should send a link over there. I might, from time to time, reblog something of interest that I see on Tumblr.

The field season is in the middle of crunch-time. Everyone at work is desperately trying to get all of the field projects finished before the winter hits. No one knows when that will be, but it could be any day now. The pressure is on, which makes today the perfect day to start the transition of blogs. Hopefully, as the field season winds down, I’ll be able to clean up the design of the blog and add content.

Until then, I hope you enjoy whichever holiday you choose to observe on the 12th of October, whether Indigenous Peoples Day, Canadian Thanksgiving, the day that The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was first published, or what have you.

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